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As a small-scale organization, we are forced to limit our events, so thats why we can’t do our tankrides for private groups, special requests of photographers,… (anymore) and we ask for your understanding and support for this. Building such a tank was a challenge as a group, but giving answers to a lot of requests of the public also! As soon as we can and without any tankproblems, we will try to organize one tankweekend per year but we will stop at 2500 passengers, tanks where not made to ride big distances. You can follow this up every year via this website or our facebookpage!

The tank can be viewed statically at the pondfarm by appointment (via email only), see also www.depondfarm.be where you can also view Stijn's WW1 collection.

Even after the War they did tankrides! We give you a ride on the inside!


At a tankevent, payement via ticketsite

Passengers only, no self steering

No toilets available (thx for understanding)

Adress: Roeselarestraat 7, 8920 langemark

Tankrides are for tankweekends only

Max. 10 people per ride

Time per ride: max. 5 minutes

The tank rides are for the benefit of the tank/ vzw Poelkapelle 1917 Association

>Risk Analysis for the public<

The tank has been Checked and Controlled on Health and Safety for the Passengers, we are not responsible for accidents or injuries without any  attention to these Safety Instructions.

  • Headphones are required(provided by tankcrew)
  • Stay on the seats when the tank is moving
  • Forbidden to smoke
  • Don’t enter or leave the tank without using the steps
  • Slippery steps are possible, be aware!
  • While entering the tank be carefull for you’re head
  • Please notify the driver if you have illness, injuries, claustrophobia,…
  • If someone has panic, press the emergency stop
  • Don’t go into the danger zone if the tank is moving
  • Don’t open the roof hatch in cabine when there’s no need to
  • Use windowscreens in cabine to protect you’re eyes for wind and dust
  • 3 emergency stops
  • 3 emergency doors
  • 2 fire extinguischers
  • 2 window screens in cabine
  • 10 Passenger seats
  • There’s light inside
  • Fresh air (no heat of engine)
  • 2 camera’s and screens
  • Command signs
  • The engine is shielded
  • Doors stays open, doorway will be closed with safety chain
safety banners