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The purpose of the tank project has always been to ensure that the tank will return to its original location with a group. In this area, the tank group will also continue and contacts will be made in the Netherlands and abroad to be part of a protective committee. It is already clear that we can count on the help of generous people who give the necessary pushes where necessary.
The P1917A is a non-profit organization. which covers a number of Poelkapel initiatives with a historical impact: the Guynemer Committee and the working groups "website historical Poelkapelle", "German military cemeteries", the "Zeppelin-Staaken" and of course the tank group.
The articles of association of the VZW. mention: The association can take all actions that are aimed directly and indirectly at the realization of its objectives. In this way she can stand up for the interests of Poelkapelle, she can set up an information and documentation center, she can organize exhibitions, tours, gadget Sale, trips, celebrations, commemorations, presentations and trainings, she can publish books, magazines and brochures, etc. . The latter is a non-exhaustive list.