Frank Pieters

The non-profit organization P1917a offers for the moment, the possibility of renting the tank static for a maximum of 2 events per year.


Female Tank
Female Version with smaller wooden Sponsons

What to look for:

  • Is there enough space for the transporter (Loading / unloading)
  • Solid surface? (Weight tank: 22ton)
  • Is there surveillance at night or the terrain can be closed
  • Safety for the public
  • At delivery we have rubberpads attached on the tank to avoid damage to the road.
  • Only static (demonstration possible)
  • With request, photos, card, address desired.
  • Choice Female sponsons only: Assembly manually
  • Length: 8m, width: 4,5m, weight: 23tons
  • Adress tank: Roeselarestraat 7, 8920 langemark, Belguim



Male Version with heavy metal Sponsons


  • Static, transport crew(quotation on request)
  • Transport Cost tank
  • With several days of overnight crew