Inside of the MKIV Tank


The inside of our MKIV Replica tank is of course completely different from how it was originally. We use other technologies and security is now strictly controlled. Take a look at the video above so that you have a better idea of ​​what it was like at the time. Inside it was no fun, the heat, the noise, the smell / fumes, metal splinters from impact of ammunition .... On this page we will give you an idea of ​​how we have adapted the interior from the present to the present!


interieur 3d dirk
This a drawing made by our 3d designer Dirk Vinck, it give's you an idea how it was in a real Mkiv tank! © Dirk Vinck


Interior Tank Damon 2:



interieur 2


Interieur 4


3d Drawings Interior Original MkIV tank © Dirk Vinck:



interieur 2


Interieur 4




The Differences with our tank and a real one!




Extra hatch for more ventilation / oxygen inside

Helps against engine overheating

Extra emergency escape hatch

Tank to be controlled from the hatch



Diesel engine Ipv. Gasoline

Motor has 220 hp instead. 107hp

Hydraulic system (hydrauvision) instead. Mechanical system

Large radiator for additional cooling against overheating




A front camera (passenger screen)

A rear camera (driver screen)



Suspended seats with belts were not a luxury then

There used to be 9 seats, we have 12!




In the past, they needed 4 soldiers to control the tank

Now we can operate the tank from the outside with the remote control.



Rear and front lights are provided but also on the inside!