Order Tank T-Shirts, Hoody's

Order here you're T-Shirt or Hoody and support the tank of Poelcapelle!

Since January 2020, we as a non-profit organization have started selling T-Shirts, Hoodies as support for the Poelkapelle tank, they have a unique print with the 3d drawing of our own Damon 2 as logo and made by Dirk Vinck. Are only available on Pre-Order at Happiness in Sint-Juliaan. Mail to fanny.boone@telenet.be and order your desired T-Shirt or Hoody (shipping or to pick up).

Price T-Shirt: 25€

Colours: Khaki, Beige, Brown, Black

Printing: white

Sizes: From Small, Meduim, Large to 12x XL




PriceHoody: 45€

Colours: Khaki, Black

Printing: white

Sizes: From Small, Meduim, Large to 5x XL


Payement: Paypal or Banktransfer


How to Order?

Mail you’re choice, colour, payement methode, size and Adress to : fanny.boone@telenet.be


 Visit Happiness:

Adress: Brugseweg 55, 8920, Sint-Juliaan