3 Replica's @ The Great Dorset Steam Fair august 2019

There are 6 driving and 5 Static Dummy Mark IV replica tanks in the world, so they are not easy to design and it also costs some + who is going to make a Replica tank? ;-) The first Replica tank was designed by Steven Spielberg for the movie 'War Horse' in England, the design of our chassis and hydraulics is based on his. The 2nd replica was designed for a Guy Martin TV show in England, this turned out to be a female tank. Lord Peter Jackson, known as the director of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films, has built 3 driving replicas for his films! The Magic Flute tank from Tony Cooke came in Wonder Woman and Transformers 3, the tank is a static Memorial now. 'A dream', would be a meeting with all 6 replica's together, but New Zealand is of course not at the door .... In 2019 we already made it to England and we came together with the Deborah and Big Brute. Below you will find the only summary of all existing  MKIV replicas.



Location: Belguim (only one in the EU)
Name: Damon 2, D29
Weight: 26 ton (Finished)
Version: Male, female also possible
Big brute


Location: England, Bovington tank Museum
Name: Big Brute, B46
Weight: 15 ton
Version: Male


Location: England, Norfolk tank Museum
Name: Deborah 2
Weight: 28 ton
Version: Female
Photo: Stuart Leithead


Location: New Zeeland
Name: Crusty, C19
Weight: +- 30 ton
Version: Male
perfect lady
Photo: Brian H.


Location: New Zeeland
Name: The Perfect Lady, C17
Weight: +- 30 ton
Version: Male
Spring chicken
Photo: Tony Smith


Location: New Zeeland
Name: Spring Chicken, S13
Weight: +- 15 ton (plywood)
Version: Male
Photo: Tony Cooke
magic flute static
Photo: Tony Cooke
Tank as static memorial


Photo: Tony Cooke
Location: England
Name: Magic Flute
Weight: 7 ton
Version: Male (static)
Photo: Tony Cooke
Photo: yvonne Heslinga


dummy Location: Belgie, Poelcapelle
Name: Damon 1
Weight: 2 ton
Version: Male (static)


Location: England
Name: Edwin, B14
Weight: +- 3 ton
Version: Male (static)
Photo: Martin Jones


Location: England
Name: /
Weight: +- 2ton
Version: Male (static)
houten replica
Photo Geoff Armstrong
Location: Engeand, Carlisle
Name: Hadrian, A39
Weight: 2ton
Version: Male (static)
Replica Paintball Gent
Photo: Paintball Gent
  Location: Gent(Belguim)
Name: PG01
Weight: 1 ton
Version: Male (static)
Photo: Isaac Gouge


Video tank Isaac Gouge


Location: America, Ozark, Missouri


Name: unknown


Weight: 1 Ton


Version: Male