JCB Engine/ Danfoss Sauer Pumps

Our engine was sponsored by JCB UK and delivered on 30th of July 2014 in Poelkapelle. It took us a few years time and patience to provide this engine with Radiator, air filter, control, etc. and this with the help of  DAF TH Trucks & Brinkmann & Niemeijer. This powerful diesel engine has 221hp, is very environmentally friendly and in combination with the Hydropumps our replica tank is ready to drive! With thx to Lode Vanbelleghem, Chris Ward, Gareth Davies, Daf Trucks Ieper, Brinkmann & Niemeijer.

JCB Dieselmax 672-engine:

  • State-of-the-art engine control system for optimum performance and fuel efficiency under all operating conditions. Fuel consumption as low as 189 g / kWh.
  • Uses the latest generation EcoMAX lean burn combustion system for high ef ciency and lower emissions.
  • Heavy cast iron cylinder block, base plate, cylinder head and forged crankshaft for high strength and long life.
  • Robust cast aluminum oil pan option specially developed for heavy duty applications.
  • Heavy-duty fan drive that allows the dimensions of the fan to be increased.
  • Cooling system design for more efficient radiator packaging
  • JCB Dieselmax 672 is equipped with a multi-fuel station with high capacity, specially designed for reliable operation in areas where fuel quality can not be guaranteed. This consists of water separation and a unique 4-stage filter system that treats water in fuel, ne and large particles and increases the capacity for lter life.
  • No EGR or post-treatment required to achieve performance and emissions, which gives a higher tolerance to high temperatures sulfur fuels.
  • Based on Dieselmax 4.8L architecture. Basic design reliability proven in use around the world.
  • High torque at low speed gives power where you need it most!
  • 6 Cylinder Diesel
  • Torque 1000Nm
  • Consumption 7,2l / 100km for trucks
  • Speed ​​2000 rpm
  • Power 165 kW, 221 hp
  • Euro 5

Danfoss Sauer 90R130 HydroPumps:


The engine is coupled with 2 pumps from Danfoss Sauer (130cc) and this is sponsored by Hydrauvision. There is a pump for the left and one for the right, each of which is connected to a driving motor at the back of the tank. With the engine running, the pumps build up oil pressure and we can operate the drive motors via a remote control.