Tank Rent/ Transport

Frank Pieters

The non-profit organization P1917a offers the possibility of renting the tank for a maximum of 6 events per year, because the intention is that we can continue to take care of the maintenance and will also support local associations for the charity. Interested? You can contact us here.


Female Tank
Female Version with smaller wooden Sponsons

What to look for:

  • Is there enough space for the transporter (Loading / unloading)
  • Solid surface? (Weight tank: 22ton)
  • Is there surveillance at night or the terrain can be closed
  • Safety for the public
  • Driving on the road is not possible (no rubber pads for long distances)
  • At delivery we use ruby mats for damage to the road surface
  • Check our calendar
  • Domestic / abroad possible
  • With request, photos, card, address desired.
  • Choice Male sponsons: Assembly with telescopic loader
  • Choice Female sponsons: Assembly manually



Male Version
Male Version with Metal Sponsons
  • Driving (quotation on request)
  • Static (quotation on request)
  • Transport / hour (with own transporter Frank Pieters)
  • With several days of overnight crew








Tank rides:

There is also a possibility to make a tank ride as far as the applications are feasible and the weather also offers us the possibility.

1 person is allowed to drive, 4 to 5 passengers can join during the tour for max. 15min.

Price only on request