October 2017, Damon 2 arrives in Poelkapelle exactly as 100 years ago!

A dream that came to reality, On 8 October 2017 our Damon II drove over the route of 100 years ago - from St. Julian to Poelkapelle - again. And finally, after years of working and building De Tank, we succeeded in getting him to ride the route. It became a super cozy fuss when the tank traversed the route with some 500 fellow stylists following the trail of the smoke-spinning 20-tonne machine.
On the way there were several stops. The one time to pick up some history through storytellers and the other time with a drink and a drizzle. Anyway, it became a successful event.



This is our wish to keep the Historic Tank Ride an annual tradition so that we can continue to remember the Tank Battle and keep it alive in our culture and tourism.
This tank ride was also possible thanks to the many plate layers, but this was necessary mit we would damage the road surface. The Plaatleggers mentioned below have dragged 3.5km rubber mats to put them at the front of the tank. This was the definition for TEAMWORK !!! When our hussar piece is finished and the tank will run on Rubber Pads, the annual tradition will start.
These people will receive their promised tanking in 2019:
Christophe Verax, Koen Rosseel, Antony Van waeleghem, Jan Fieuw, Daphné Vangheluwe, Sylvie Duhayon, Jelle Vandamme, Santino Everaert, André Vergter, kathy steven, Broer kathy steven,Ivan Adriaenssens,Piet van puffelen,Kurt Persyn,Rudi rasker,aude fieuw,stefanie  fieuw,staf fieuw,Bobby bollaert,andy bollaert,bertrand meuleman,joris schiptje, stijn declercq, danny vandewaetere, Danielle roubroeks, Luc - Karel  butaye