Frequently asked questions:

As a small-scale organization, we are forced to limit our events, so that we cannot (anymore) always drive in front of private groups and we ask for your understanding and support for this. Building such a tank was a challenge as a group, but the concerns will remain afterwards. As soon as we can, we will try to organize tank weekends in the future when the parcours is free at the Pondfarm and you can follow this up every year via this website. The tank can be viewed statically at the pondfarm by appointment, see also where you can also view Stijn's WW1 collection.


Tank does not drive out for Private events, only on tank weekends

Gift vouchers not possible

It is not possible to drive the tank yourself under insurance

Tank can be visited statically, donations are always welcome

Location tank: Roeselarestraat 7, 8920 langemark



About the tankweekends:

For necessary changes in booking, problems with ordering tickets, no confirmation email: Contact: Contacteer: Laurent Hoornaert, klik hier!

If the weekend is not allowed to continue due to corona or (very) bad weather, everyone will be notified with a new date

When booking for 2 groups, please book under 2 different names

Claustrophobic? Small space inside the tank (doors stays open)

Pain in the back or bad legs? Difficult to enter the tank.

Children preferably accompanied by 1 adult in the tank, otherwise the tank crew will assist when necessary

Time shedule will be communicated by e-mail one month before the event

During a full weekend, no extra tickets are available due to corona measures

Only as a passenger, self-driving is not possible for insurance purposes

Didn't receive a confirmation email? Please see spam box!

Confirmation mail will be send 3 weeks before the event.

Price per ride: 16€/pp only via ticketsite

Tickets for children from 3years of age

Including Pondfarm collection / bunker on display.

Duration of the ride: +- 5min


Coronameasures (may):

Number of people per trip ?: Per bubble that may be present in a car

Mouth masks, disinfecting hands, 1.5 meters distance are always required

3 couples can sit at a distance of 2m inside the tank..

Driver controls the tank from outside the tank

The tank is additionally ventilated through the cabin

Before you get in, you will be reminded of the corona measures

Limit of 100 tickets per day due to corona (+ - 10 people per hour) (with crew max. 50 people outside)



The tank is still under construction, sponsorship is still possible!